Why Reiki Healing Should Be A Part Of Your Life

Why Reiki Healing Should Be A Part Of Your Life

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive method of holistic healing using life force energy to affect improvement in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Reiki is a Japanese word broken down into Rei, meaning sacred and chi, meaning energy. 

Reiki has its own form of intelligence, assisting in lowering symptoms of illness, pain, stress, improving blood pressure and shifting emotional blockages.  It tends to ‘travel’ to the places in your body that need healing the most.   

It complements many concurrent treatments; so much so that it is offered as an alternative modality in many hospitals in the USA, and some cancer support centres here in Australia. 

The Reiki practitioner simply uses their hands which acts a conduit for the energy coming through.  Therefore, the practitioner is not depleted of their own energy, but also, by proxy, receives some of the healing treatment.  If you need to understand this from a scientific perspective, read this article which explains it all in a very logical way.

The many uses of Reiki

There are a thousand reasons why I love Reiki, one of which being that it is applicable in so many situations.  It adds a real ‘fast-tracking’ process alongside counselling.  Talk therapy is hugely beneficial to a point, but receiving Reiki along with the counselling process can help you to gain clarity and focus much faster in areas of your life that need attention.  In doing so it taps into your own innate power and self-expression to assist you in gaining greater control and mastery of your own life, one of the core tenets of my practice.

Health Issues

There are many research studies proving the effectiveness of Reiki.  I believe that physical ‘dis-ease’ is a manifestation of unconscious blockages and beliefs that the body is calling our attention to.  Reiki works to re-align your body’s energy pathways by clearing blockages and may provide insights into your health issue.

Out of the ordinary

Now here’s a mind bender for you.  If you consider that everything is energy (as proven by Albert Einstein), then interactions with others are also energy, and ergo, all past and future interactions with others are also energy.  Reiki has the ability to heal relationships and events that have occurred in the past that have been hurtful, traumatic or grief stricken.  Healing can be sent backwards and forwards through time and also through physical distance, such as to someone living in another city, state or country.  And no, it doesn’t help you foretell the upcoming winning lotto numbers!

As spiritual practice

In this fast-paced and distracted life we lead, Reiki can help us to reconnect on many levels, which involves us disconnecting from the craziness.  It can help us to disconnect from our often robotic and mundane ritual of working to keep a roof over our heads and the bills paid to a deeper awakening of our own bodies, to our inner spark, soul and purpose in life, to a source that is bigger than all of us put together. 

How often do you catch yourself saying ‘when I have more time I’ll…’, ‘when I have more money I’ll……’, ‘when I’m happier I’ll…’ which then leads to an anxious, panicky state, and comparing yourself to others who seemingly have it more together than you?  Reiki assists to detach from these negating and unhelpful thought patterns.  It does this by creating a sense of relaxing calm and presence, even while we are consciously aware that commitments and distractions will still be there.

Reiki for everyone

Everyone can benefit from Reiki no matter what age, even in-utero babies.  As we are all creations of energy, anyone can benefit from it, if you are open to this type of treatment (you can be skeptical but still open to the possibility of healing).  Even pets can benefit, especially as they operate more in tune with nature than humans and don’t have the ability to be closed off to it.

It’s important to bear in mind that to fully benefit from Reiki treatment, the client must take full responsibility for their healing and actively participate in their recovery.  Reiki is not just a healing modality; it is a way into leading a gracious life.  Reiki is spiritual by nature; it is not a religion, and has no dogma, nor any belief systems that you must follow.

As with any practice, it’s always recommended that Reiki be performed as a series of treatments.  As with anything, Reiki is not a quick-fix.  Symptoms may abate quite quickly, but maintenance is the key in benefiting from Reiki long-term.

If you wish to experience Reiki for yourself, alongside or separate to counselling, simply click on the button below to get in contact.

About Kate

Kate is a counsellor and energy healer based in Sydney’s Hills District. She has identified a common thread amongst trauma sufferers; and that is that they appear to suffer from similar physical symptoms and ailments, along with a history of unresolved trauma of some description. These can have massive and devastating impact in all areas of a person’s life.  Kate supports her clients on their healing journey in a holistic sense. This involves helping to process and resolve trauma in the body, help clients choose appropriate nutrition, and address lifestyle issues and old belief patterns that no longer serve them. Clients report feeling calmer, more in control, and with greater self-awareness able to make self-affirming life decisions from their core of inner knowing.

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