What My Clients Have Taught Me

What My Clients Have Taught Me

I have a very privileged position being a therapist. It is a deeply humbling experience to hear things that clients have never told anyone else, and to hold space for emotions being expressed that have been held back for years. My clients teach me a lot about life, so I thought I would collate some of those learnings in a short blog post.

  • Never take loved ones for granted – your world can change in the blink of an eye
  • Be aware that your actions create reactions and ripples
  • Without getting to root issue causes you will keep repeating the same patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck
  • Feel all the emotions – and if they are too big or too scary that’s what I’m here for
  • Practice being in the present – it’s really all we have.  Life passes us by too fast to be living in the past or future
  • Practice self-compassion and then compassion to others – everyone (or at least nearly everyone) is doing the best they can do
  • Try to withhold judgement on others’ behaviour – you never know what’s going on behind the scenes
  • Appreciate the small things in nature – if you look at them long enough they will fill you with awe, which is a vibrationally powerful emotion
  • Make your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health a top priority – without these you have nothing
  • The universe is always working FOR you not against you – it’s very easy to believe the negative
  • If you have a vision or dream – take a step each day in that direction. Life is too short to be worrying about what other people think and you will be doing a disservice to the people who are going to need you by holding yourself back on limiting beliefs
  • Unprocessed trauma does NOT just go away. It will follow you and seek your attention in many and varied ways until you face it and resolve it
  • Life is messy and no-one has their shizz together permanently.  Or if they do, it is only temporary (or it’s just a façade they wear)
  • Your logical brain doesn’t make the best decisions. We all have an innate inner guidance system that will never let us down. If you can’t find yours, or have lost it, I can help you find it.

Therapy may seem like a scary or shameful prospect, but you will quickly discover how transformational and freeing you can feel even just after one session.

About Kate

Kate is a counsellor and energy healer based in Sydney’s Hills District. She has identified a common thread amongst trauma sufferers; and that is that they appear to suffer from similar physical symptoms and ailments, along with a history of unresolved trauma of some description. These can have massive and devastating impact in all areas of a person’s life.  Kate supports her clients on their healing journey in a holistic sense. This involves helping to process and resolve trauma in the body, help clients choose appropriate nutrition, and address lifestyle issues and old belief patterns that no longer serve them. Clients report feeling calmer, more in control, and with greater self-awareness able to make self-affirming life decisions from their core of inner knowing.

A free 20 minute conversation with Kate can help you decide if therapy is the best approach for you. Get in touch by clicking the button below.

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