Kate really just understands what's going on, she has the insight you would want from a therapist to understand your needs and wants, my partner has been seeing Kate for a few months and already through the many tools she gave him to heal and recover she has helped him come such a long way through his trauma recovery, he is starting to smile a bit each day which I could not have even imagined a few months ago, it is only early days and I can already see the benefits of the beautiful work she does, it is truly a gift to see Kates work come to fruition, I am so greatful we were led to her as a therapist, if you want true healing in your life, Kate is a wonderful, warm, insightful, committed therapist you won't go wrong with, I would just encourage anybody to just stick out the therapy even when it gets hard, as she will be there for you and guide you along the way, if you want results and an effect, see Kate, couldn't recommend highly enough.


I’ve had many sessions over the years to assist with an odd and horrific anxiety that befalls me up on waking usually I’m symptom free for a short while and then the anxiety hits me hard again when another traumatic event occurred for me. After a (remote) session with Kate a month ago, this feeling has not returned. I’ve not gone a month without this anxiety in the last 12 years until now. Believe me, I’ve been tested over the past few days, and I’ve woken up every morning without that soul shattering anxiety. Thank you beautiful Kate, I am more grateful than I can say.

Faith B

Chrysalis Health was an incredible experience that I am so grateful to have been a part of. Kate has an amazing ability to adapt her technique to her clients' needs which makes her an incredibly versatile person to work with. Beyond that, she has a real sense of calmness and warmth that enhanced the effect of working with her ten-fold for me, as a result I feel that I have come away with a real sense of clarity and peace. I would recommend Kate to anyone looking to get to know themselves better as you couldn't find a better coach to guide you through it.


I have had just two sessions with Kate and I have achieved more in those two session than I have in 20 years plus of different therapies. I felt safe and supported so much so that there no effort on my part to move massive energy blocks that have been crippling me all my adult life. I am filled with gratitude for the gifts of this amazing woman and highly recommend her to anyone that has a heart desire to change their reality for the better.


Kate Kernick was an absolute amazing counsellor - her experience is invaluable and has made me learn so much about myself!