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There are many different types of stress, and many ways to treat it.  Life transitions or change in circumstances, sudden and unexpected events can cause enormous stress.

Relationships, even loving ones, can cause stress.  Becoming parents for the first time can be a huge shock, as society’s expectations on our roles as mothers and fathers can be deeply challenging compared to what is happening in your reality.

Stress is our body’s response to perceived threat or fear. Short bursts of stress are our friend – it helps us push through difficult situations, helps us meet deadlines and pushes us to perform and achieve.  In an evolutionary sense, stress helps us run from danger and be alert to a threat to life.  

However, our basic reptilian brain that registers stress in our environment has not evolved to distinguish what is real danger and what is perceived danger in our modern fast-paced way of life.

Stress has a way of sneaking up on us so that we think we are coping fine, then all of a sudden we’re not. Stress distresses or body’s immune response, hormone balance in our kidneys, gut, brain, reproductive and other organs.


At Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing I work with you in a naturally holistic way to offer strategies for coping with and overcoming stress, according to your needs.  This may include evaluating your diet and nutrition, quality of relationships, your resilience levels, level of conflict you may be experiencing, sleep, physical, emotional and mental symptoms, and your lifestyle.

Symptoms of stress include:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritable or easily irritated or quick to anger
  • Hair falling out
  • Digestive disorders
  • Weight yo-yo’ing
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Aches and pains (chronic)
  • Loss of interest in work and life
  • Loss of meaning in life

Stress is treatable, and it is manageable.

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I am pleased to announce that I am now an official NDIS provider to help support people with disability and their carers.