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Frequently Asked Questions



Online Video Counselling is a convenient and safe option for everyone. It is particularly vital in times like these, where we are all experiencing high stress but are restricted from travelling due to social distancing measures and the COVID-19 crisis.

Online counselling is also useful for people that have difficulty travelling to appointments either because of distance/remoteness, mobility problems, people with childcare commitments or simply those with a busy work and travel schedule.


In short, YES! Over 30 years of research demonstrates that online therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy.

Online therapy is often preferred to in-person therapy as clients can enjoy the convenience of doing a therapy session from any location and still get the benefits of a regular in-person session.


Yes, I use Zoom, which has recently reinforced it’s encryption and security features after recent publicity around its security breaches. Your counselling session is 100% confidential and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than the therapist and the clients in the meeting. I do NOT record our sessions.


Call Kate on 0434 515 463 if there’s anything else I can help you with or book directly online here.  Please note for online bookings I require payment in full at the time of booking.

If you are not comfortable using online technology we can arrange an appointment by phone.

You will receive a confirmation email. I will send you paperwork to fill out and return before the start of our first session. I will also send you our meeting link.

If you prefer to use laptop for our sessions, please ensure you have installed Zoom. This is not required if working off a tablet or phone.

Please send your completed paperwork back to me before our first session.

At the appointment time, simply click the link to join Kate in the secure meeting room.


What can I expect from coming to counselling?
I understand the apprehension and courage it takes to make that first phone call to seek help. Counselling provides a safe, caring and empathic environment in order to explore, clarify and discuss problems and issues. I offer an initial 15-20 minute free phone consultation in order to discuss your needs and whether you think I will be a good fit for your counselling journey.  Counselling can be a confronting and challenging process, but offers the potential of great personal rewards, clarity and deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

If I need to cancel or change my session, how much notice must be given?
A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is requested. Failure to give this notice will result in a late cancellation/non-attendance’ fee being charged, as other clients may miss out.

How many sessions will I need?
This will be discussed at the end of the first session (which lasts 60 minutes), once it becomes clearer what difficulties, needs and goals need to be worked through. Typically it can be expected that therapy can take between 5 and 15 sessions. The more complex the issue, the more time will be required.  The fees reflects Kate’s belief that therapy should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Will my personal information remain confidential? 
Pertinent client notes are written up after each session, and are kept strictly confidential.  Clients are able to have access to their own notes at any time.

Client confidentiality is critical to building trust and a solid therapeutic relationship; however, there are several exceptions to the confidentiality rule.  These pertain to keeping the client safe, and legal obligations, and include:

  • If there is a court case the client become involved with, the judge might deem it pertinent to the case to use the notes acquired from the client sessions. Notes can be subpoenaed by law, and as such, Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing has a legal obligation to comply.
  • If Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing became aware, at any time, that there was a direct and imminent threat to the client’s health or safety, or to any other member of the public (including children), the counselling firm is obliged by law to inform the appropriate authorities.
  • In order to offer clients the best service possible, Kate attends regular clinical supervision with a more experienced counsellor to discuss particular client concerns, which helps her to hone her skills.  This is a confidential space where she can seek assistance on her professional journey in finding the best way forward for the clients, however, at no time do Kate disclose any identifying information that pertains to the client.


$150 - Face to Face Counsellingper session for both online and face-to-face counselling (sessions often go over an hour, up to 90 minutes)

$250 - Kickstart to Calm - a solution-focussed one-off session to brainstorm and create an action plan when you just need some extra clarity

$100 - Energy Healing - per session for online and face-to-face

If you are financially stressed, talk to me and we can arrange a way forward.

Credit card payments accepted

I am dedicated and passionate about assisting you on your journey, and welcome clients who are as dedicated and passionate.  In order to honour this:

Terms of Service

  • Payment at the conclusion of each session
  • 24 hours' advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule

Life can get unpredictable, appointments can get forgotten, and last-minute unavoidable things crop up. I will send you a reminder text the day before your appointment, in order to negate the forgotten appointment, which allows other clients to book in if you are unable to attend. I appreciate your understanding.

Or book now with Kate for counselling or energy healing either face to face or online sessions.

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