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Everyone has a favourite colour, but have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain colours, and repelled by others?  Are there certain colours that affect you emotionally?  I absolutely love purple, and having done some research on this particular colour, I thought a blog post would be a great way to build awareness around the power of colour.

With my long association with, and love, of energy healing, colour is a fundamental factor in the healing process.  We all have many energy points on the human body, however, we each have major energy centres from our head to the base of our spine.  These centres spin, taking in and processing information (in an energetic sense) from the outside world, helping to regulate all our physical processes.

Each chakra has a particular colour associated with it, with a different meaning for the area of the body that it governs.  I frequently see colour in people’s energy, and will transmit colours during a Reiki session, depending on what information I receive.


So, for all you purple lovers out there, here follows some interesting notions about what this colour represents.

Properties of Purple

As purple is a mixture of blue and red, it can be said to be a balancing colour, between the calm of blue and the energy of red.

Purple can represent imagination and daydreaming, creativity and spirituality, so It can be said to be a link between the spiritual and physical worlds.

At the other end of the spectrum, too much purple can cause moodiness and aggravate depression in some people.

Historically, purple was a difficult and expensive colour to replicate as it was not commonly found in nature, so it is associated with prestige, royalty or higher authority.

Purple is the colour of the upper-most chakra at the top of the head, called the Crown Chakra.  Within our bodies this chakra is associated with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, the master glands of the endocrine system.  This area relates to our connection to spirituality (however that looks to you), and higher states of consciousness.

Purple Personality

If you know me, or have seen my website, you might have noticed that I like purple… a lot!  I feel that it’s a colour that resonates deeply with me, and looking at what purple represents, it fits my personality and the counselling profession I love being a part of.  Here are just some of the traits of someone who is drawn to purple:

  • You tend to be more introverted
  • You are a giver, and can give a lot of yourself
  • You feel quite deeply, and are a sensitive soul
  • You have a peaceful and gentle way about you
  • You’re a bit of an idealist and dreamer
  • You are a humanitarian and feel drawn towards helping people
  • You are quite intuitive and psychic (even if you’re not aware of it)
  • You seek meaning for your life
  • You tend to be individualistic and seek the lesser-travelled path
  • You may be intrigued by the mysteries life presents

If you are curious about Reiki, and want to know more, check out my blog post below.  Or feel free to contact me for a conversation about how it may benefit you, either as a session on its own or in combination with counselling.  Just click the link below.