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My passion is twofold.

Being a woman owning her own business can be incredibly challenging, especially as we have so many different demands competing for our time and energy.  Who can she turn to when a crisis erupts, or she is blindsided by an event but still has to keep the wheels turning in her business?  Some of the issues I help women process include:

  • Death in the family/ death of a friend
  • Miscarriage
  • Parent/child needing care 
  • Desire to work on her emotional blocks and past wounds in order to be energetically aligned with her business vision
  • Accident
  • Separation/Divorce

I also love to serve in my community by supporting NDIS clients to overcome difficult obstacles, regain a sense of confidence by being a part of the community, develop their sense of well-being, in order to live a more fulfilling and functional life.

My qualifications in counselling, nutrition and energy healing provide my clients with a holistic approach that supports their psychological, spiritual and emotional needs.

This provides an environment where individuals feel confident and safe to work through issues that are important to them. Counselling and psychotherapy can help explore the causes and meanings of these issues, in order to heal these wounds and bring you back to a place of satisfaction and contentment with your life.

To facilitate healing and growth for clients, I provide a safe, secure, non-judgemental and compassionate environment, which enables a therapeutic relationship to develop based on the fundamental tenements of trust and integrity.

I embrace a holistic approach, which means that I use a number of counselling techniques and approaches in order to tailor the counselling process to my clients’ needs.  This helps to facilitate greater awareness around personal issues.

As part of the holistic approach, I may also incorporate factors such as breath-work, mindfulness, Reiki (energy healing), food intake/relationship to food, and other lifestyle factors.  These are all helpful techniques and strategies I have studied over the years and have incorporated into my life, and which I believe have contributed greatly to my health and well-being.

Some benefits of counselling include:

  • Greater awareness of unhelpful repeated patterns
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced stress and anxiety and increased calm and inner peace
  • Better clarity around issues and improve decision-making
  • Greater compassion for self and others
  • Learn more deeply about who you are
  • Find purpose and meaning in your life

Counselling can offer new perspectives and greater clarity on issues, which can lead to deep personal growth, improved relationships, along with greater meaning and purpose in life.

Counselling involves your input and commitment to work through the difficulties in your life.  It is not about someone else giving you all the solutions and answers. It is a collaborative process, which assists you to discover greater self-awareness to what is holding you back.  

Therapy is a hugely worthwhile investment in yourself.

Difference between counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling is a more short-term process in order to deal with a current issue that is affecting a client’s life, eg bereavement, job loss or stress, relationship breakdown.

Psychotherapy is a much more in-depth process which enables the client to understand how their childhood and background are negatively impacting areas of their life, eg repeated relationship patterns; trauma, abuse or neglect.



Qualifications and Experience

I hold a Bachelor of Counselling, and I am a current member of PACFA (the Australian peak body for counsellors and psychotherapists), which ensures that members meet the minimum annual standards for professional development and supervision.  

In order to provide the best service for my clients, I attend training and development workshops to keep my skills relevant and up-to-date:

  • Lifeline Domestic & Family Violence Training Workshop
  • Men’s Health Services – Working with Male Victims of Domestic Violence workshop
  • Healing From Trauma Workshop
  • Gestalt Therapy Skills Workshop
  • RET – Radical Exposure Therapy for processing trauma

During my professional experience, I have assisted at a crisis accommodation centre, working hand-in-hand with clients who had become homeless through domestic/family violence, alcohol and drug addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. I am also a part of a rewarding programme that involves mentoring young adults in high schools, through voluntary work with the RAISE Foundation.

How Can I Find the Right Counsellor For Me?

Counselling can be a daunting, but potentially hugely rewarding process to experience.  It is therefore imperative that you find the right ‘fit’ with your therapist to journey alongside you.  Read this article to find out how to find the right counsellor for you.

Contact Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing to discuss your concerns and to see if counselling is the right step for you.

Please note that I am unable to offer Medicare rebates for GP mental health plans.  Some private health care plans, however, do cover counselling, so please consult your provider to check.

​Please talk to me if you are struggling financially – don’t let money stress be a barrier to seeking professional help.

I am pleased to announce that I am now an official NDIS provider to help support people with disability and their carers.